My name is Erik van Geer. In 2009 I graduated as an industrial design engineer in Delft at the faculty of Industrial Design. There I worked as a teaching assistant for TecDoc. The department that teaches students how to 3D model in Solidworks, make photo-realistic renderings and movies for presentation and technical drawings for production.

After my study I started as a freelance design engineer with projects for the TU Delft and InnoSports among others. This lead to various projects of which a selection is shown on this page. The main fields in which I am active is sporting goods, modeling for 3D printing, prototyping, designing for fiber reinforced materials, modelling art artifacts and many more. My clients include TU Delft, Jules Dock, Atelier Noyons, Cake Concepts as well as people who find me on i.materialise.com or Shapeways.com. From march 2018 til December 2021 I have been active as a work planner for IHG, in which my task includes making stainless steel kitchens ready for production with building plans. Currentluy I am also working for Jules Dock as a Design engineer where I work in NX and Fibersim. Occasionally I also design a website or logo for a company.

If I am not working, I like to spend my time playing music in various formations or doing action sports, such as windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain-biking, canoeing or just spending time in nature. Next to that I also help my wife in her vegan foodtruck Ratjetoe. In 2019 I traveled with my wife in a van to Spain. After that we continued travelling via Iceland to Canada. There we drove our two motorcycles from Vancouver to San Francisco before we returned home via Cuba. During this 5 month during trip I developed my photography skills. These photographs as well as our story can be viewed on www.gipsyadventures.nl.

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